A Text Worthy of Plotinus

The Lives and Correspondence of P. Henry S.J., H.-R. Schwyzer, A.H. Armstrong, J. Trouillard and J. Igal S.J.

Suzanne Stern-Gillet, Kevin Corrigan & José C. Baracat Jr. (eds.),
Leuven: Leuven University Press, 2021, 428 p.


A Text Worthy of Plotinus makes available for the first time information on the collaborative work that went into the completion of the first reliable edition of Plotinus’ Enneads: Plotini Opera, editio maior, three volumes (Brussels, Paris, and Leiden, 1951-1973), followed by the editio minor, three volumes (Oxford, 1964-1983). Pride of place is given to the correspondence of the editors, Paul Henry S.J. and Hans-Rudolf Schwyzer, with other prominent scholars of late antiquity, amongst whom are E.R. Dodds, B.S. Page, A.H. Armstrong, and J. Igal S.J. Also included in the volume are related documents consisting in personal memoirs, course handouts and extensive biographical notices of the two editors as well as of those other scholars who contributed to fostering the revival of Plotinus in the latter half of the 20th century. Taken together, letters and documents let the reader into the problems – codicological, exegetical, and philosophical – that are involved in the interpretation of medieval manuscripts and their transcription for modern readers. Additional insights are provided into the nature of collaborative work involving scholars from different countries and traditions. A Text Worthy of Plotinus will prove a crucial archive for generations of scholars. Those interested in the philosophy of Plotinus will find it a fount of information on his style, manner of exposition, and handling of sources. The volume will also appeal to readers interested in broader trends in 20th century scholarship in the fields of Classics, History of Ideas, Theology, and Religion.

Contributors: Christopher Armstrong (Ilkley, Yorkshire), Luc Brisson (CNRS), Leo Catana (University of Copenhagen), Richard Dufour (Université Laval), Garry Gurtler (Boston College), Georges Leroux (Université de Montréal), Gerard O’Daly (University College London Emeritus), Martin Schwyzer (Zürich), Gregory Shaw (Stonehill College)

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Table of contents

Chapter One The Text of Plotinus: From Ficino to Henry and Schwyzer

1.1.    From Marsilio Ficino to Thomas Taylor

1.2.    The Search for a Properly  Established Edition

Chapter Two Paul Henry S.J. (1906-1984)

2.1.    Life

2.2.    Extracts from the Memoirs of Paul Henry S.J.: Souvenirs d’un jésuite itinérant

2.3.    Letters

2.4.    Handouts

2.5.    Obituary

2.6.    Bibliography of Paul Henry S.J.

Chapter Three Hans-Rudolf Schwyzer (1908-1993)

3.1.    Life

3.2.    Letters

3.3.    Obituary

3.4.    Bibliography of H. R. Schwyzer

Chapter Four Arthur Hilary Armstrong (1909-1997)

4.1.    Life

4.2.    Memories: Meeting and working under the supervision of A.H. Armstrong

4.3.  Reminiscences of a Malta Childhood (1935-1943)

4.4.    Poems

4.5.    Letters

4.6.    Obituary

4.7.    Bibliography of A. H. Armstrong

Chapter Five Jean Trouillard (1907-1984)

5.1.    Life

5.2.    Jean Trouillard: Portrait of a Neoplatonic Thinker

5.3.    Reminiscence of my meetings with Jean Trouillard

5.4.    Letters

5.5.    Obituary

5.6.    Bibliography of J. Trouillard

Chapter Six Jésus Igal S.J. (1920-1986)

6.1.    Life

6.2.    Letters

6.3.    Textual Notes on the Enneads

6.4.    Notes for answer to Igal from Armstrong’s papers

6.5.    Obituaries

6.6.    Bibliography of J. Igal

Chapter Seven Miscellaneous

7.1.  Émile Bréhier (1876-1952)

7.2. Willy Theiler (1899-1977)

7.3. Bertram Samuel Page (1904-1993)

7.4. Evanghelos Roussos (1931-2016)

Index Locorum

Index Nominum

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