The Platonizing Sethian Background

of Plotinus’s Mysticism

Alexander J. Mazur, Leiden: Brill, 2020


(Text from the publisher)

Table of contents

Editor’s Preface to the Present Volume

Dylan Michael Burns

Editor’s Note on References, Editions, and Translations



Chapter 1 Introduction: The Gnostic Background of Plotinus’s Mysticism

Chapter 2 The Structure of Plotinus’s Ascent to Mystical Union with the One

Chapter 3 The Identity of Prenoetic and Hypernoetic Subjects in Plotinus

Chapter 4 “The Way of Ascent is the Way of Descent”: The Mechanism of Transcendental Apprehension in Platonizing Sethian Gnosticism

Chapter 5 Conclusion: Dissolving Boundaries



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