A History of Mind and Body in Late Antiquity

Anna Marmodoro and Sophie Cartwright, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2018


The mind-body relation was at the forefront of philosophy and theology in late antiquity, a time of great intellectual innovation. This volume, the first integrated history of this important topic, explores ideas about mind and body during this period, considering both pagan and Christian thought about issues such as resurrection, incarnation and asceticism. A series of chapters presents cutting-edge research from multiple perspectives, including history, philosophy, classics and theology. Several chapters survey wider themes which provide context for detailed studies of the work of individual philosophers including Numenius, Pseudo-Dionysius, Damascius and Augustine. Wide-ranging and accessible, with translations given for all texts in the original language, this book will be essential for students and scholars of late antique thought, the history of religion and theology, and the philosophy of mind. (Text by the editors)

Table of contents 



Introduction – By Anna Marmodoro, Sophie Cartwright

Chapter 1 – The Late Ancient Philosophical Scene – By Edward Watts

Part I – Mind and Body in Late Antique Pagan Philosophy

Chapter 2 – Theories of Mind in the Hellenistic Period – By Christopher Shields

Chapter 3 – Numenius – By Mark Edwards

Chapter 4 – Plotinus – By Lloyd P. Gerson

Chapter 5 – Porphyry – By Andrew Smith

Chapter 6 – Iamblichus – By John F. Finamore

Chapter 7 – Themistius – By Frans A. J. de Haas

Chapter 8 – Proclus – By Jan Opsomer

Chapter 9 – Damascius – By Sara Ahbel-Rappe

Part II – Mind and Body in Early Christian Thought

Chapter 10 – Soul and Body in Early Christianity – By Sophie Cartwright

Chapter 11 – The Christian Conception of the Body and Paul’s Use of the Term Sōma in 1 Corinthians – By Vito Limone

Chapter 12 – The Ensoulment of the Body in Early Christian Thought – By Benjamin P. Blosser

Chapter 13 – Christian Asceticism – By Kevin Corrigan

Chapter 14 – Origen – By Ilaria Ramelli

Chapter 15 – Basil of Caesarea – By Claudio Moreschini

Chapter 16 – Gregory of Nyssa – By Ilaria Ramelli

Chapter 17 – Gregory of Nazianzus – By Brian Matz

Chapter 18 – Synesius of Cyrene – By Jay Bregman

Chapter 19 – Augustine – By Giovanni Catapano

Chapter 20 – Dionysius the Areopagite – By Wiebke-Marie Stock


General Index

Index of Ancient and Medieval Thinkers

Index of Greek, Hebrew and Latin Terms

Index of Modern Authors



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