Authority and Identity in Emerging Christianities

in Asia Minor and Greece

Edited by Cilliers Breytenbach and Julien M. Ogereau, Leiden: Brill, 2018


This book explores how early Christian communities constructed, developed, and asserted their identity and authority in various socio-cultural contexts in Asia Minor and Greece in the first five centuries CE. With the help of the database Inscriptiones Christianae Graecae (ICG), special attention is given to ancient inscriptions which represent a rich and valuable source of information on the early Christians’ social and religious identity, family networks, authority structures, and place and function in society. This collection of essays by various specialists of Early Christianity, Epigraphy, and Late Antiquity, offers a broad geographical survey of the expansion and socio-cultural development of Christianity/ies in Asia Minor and Greece, and sheds new light on the religious transformation of the Later Roman Empire.

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Notes on Contributors

Early Christianity in Asia Minor

Pagane Relikte in der Spätantike: Griechische Katasterinschriften als religionsgeschichtliche Quellen – By: Ulrich Huttner

The Acts of John and Christian Communities in Ephesus in the Mid-Second Century AD – By: Paul Trebilco

Graeco-Roman Associations, Judean Synagogues and Early Christianity in Bithynia-Pontus – By: Markus Öhler

Frühes Christentum in Galatien: Inschriften aus dem südlichen Haymana-Hochland – By: Jennifer Krumm

Präsentation und Selbstrepräsentation von Christinnen auf lykaonischen Grabinschriften – By: Christiane Zimmermann

Relational Identity and Roman Name-Giving among Lycaonian Christians – By: Cilliers Breytenbach

Die Löwen der Berge: Lebendige, steinerne und literarische Löwen im Rauhen Kilikien – By: Philipp Pilhofer

Early Christianity in Greece, the Southern Balkans, and Beyond

Early Christian Inscriptions from the Corinthia and the Peloponnese – By: Erkki Sironen

Authority and Identity in the Early Christian Inscriptions from Macedonia – By: Julien M. Ogereau

The Authority of Paul’s Memory and Early Christian Identity at Philippi – By: Cédric Brélaz

Stobi in Late Antiquity: Epigraphic Testimonia – By: Slavica Babamova

The Formation of a Pauline Letter Collection in Light of Roman Epigraphic Evidence – By: Laura S. Nasrallah

The Use of Greek in the Early Christian Inscriptions from Rome and Italy (3rd–4th Cent.) – By: Antonio E. Felle

From Aphrodite(s) to Saintly Bishops in Late Antique Cyprus – By: Georgios Deligiannakis


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