Body and Soul in Ancient Philosophy

Frede, Dorothea & Reis, Burkhard (eds), Berlin: De Gruyter, 2009


The problem of body and soul has a long history that can be traced back to the beginnings of Greek culture. The existential question of what happened to the soul at the moment of death, whether and in what form there is life after death, and of the exact relationship between body and soul was answered in different ways in Greek philosophy, from the early days to Late Antiquity. The contributions in this volume not only do justice to the breadth of the topic, they also cover the entire period from the Pre-Socratics to Late Antiquity. Particular attention is paid to Plato, Aristotle and Hellenistic philosophers, that is the Stoics and the Epicureans.

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Table of contents


1. Presocratics

Carl Huffman – The Pythagorean conception of the soul from Pythagoras to Philolaus

Christian Schäfer – Das Pythagorasfragment des Xenophanes und die Frage nach der Kritik der Metempsychosenlehre

Brad Inwood – Empedocles and metempsychüsis: The critique of Diogenes of Oenoanda

Anthony A. Long – Heraclitus on measure and the explicit emergence of rationality

Georg Rechenauer – Demokrits Seelenmodell und die Prinzipien der atomistischen Physik

2. Plato

David Sedley – Three kinds of Platonic immortality

Michael Erler – „Denn mit Menschen sprechen wir und nicht mit Göttern“. Platonische und epikureische epimeleia tês psychês

Gyburg Radke-Uhlmann – Die energeia des Philosophen – zur Einheit von literarischem Dialog und philosophischer Argumentation in Platons Phaidon

Jan Szaif – Die aretê des Leibes: Die Stellung der Gesundheit in Platons Güterlehre

3. Aristotle

Günther Patzig – Körper und Geist bei Aristoteles – zum Problem des Funktionalismus

Christopher Shields – The priority of soul in Aristotle’s De anima: Mistaking categories?

David Charles – Aristotle on desire and action

Friedemann Buddensiek – Aristoteles’ Zirbeldrüse? Zum Verhältnis von Seele und pneuma in Aristoteles’ Theorie der Ortsbewegung der Lebewesen

Ursula Wolf – Aporien in der aristotelischen Konzeption des Beherrschten und des Schlechten

4. Academy

John Dillon – How does the soul direct the body, after all? Traces of a dispute on mind-body relations in the Old Academy

5. Hellenism

Keimpe Algra – Stoics on souls and demons: Reconstructing Stoic demonology

Tad Brennan – Stoic souls in Stoic corpses

Christopher Gill – Galen and the Stoics: What each could learn from the other about embodied psychology

Martha C. Nussbaum – Philosophical norms and political attachments: Cicero and Seneca

6. Philosophers of Early Christianity

Jonathan Barnes – Anima Christiana

Therese Fuhrer – Der Geist im vollkommenen Körper. Ein Gedankenexperiment in Augustins De civitate dei 22

Theo Kobush – Die Auferstehung des Leibes



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