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Apuleius and the Aristotelian De Mundo


The De Mundo is a fascinating part of Apuleius’ corpus, with much to contribute to our understanding of Mediterranean philosophy in the second century, of philosophical work in the Latin language, of Platonism, and of Apuleius himself. But, sidelined as a mere translation (of the pseudo-Aristotelian work usually known by the same name), it has never received sustained attention in its own right. This workshop brings together an international team of scholars who will address the text from a range of disciplinary perspectives.


9th – 11th December, 2021

Alan Bowen (IRCPS): “Apuleius on the Heavens: A Question of Authority.”

Dylan Burns (Amsterdam): “Basilides of Alexandria ‘On the Cosmos’: Accounts of an Aristotelianizing Gnostic in Stromateis 4.12.88 and Refutatio 7.24.3.”

Michael Griffin (UBC): “Apuleius’ De Mundo as contemplative exercise and pedagogy.”

George Karamanolis (Vienna): “Causal Efficacy Through Intermediary Power in Apuleius’ De Mundo.”

Irmgard Männlein-Robert (Tübingen): “On the Highest God in Apuleius’ De Mundo: Theology and Hierarchy from a Platonist’s View.”

Gretchen Reydams-Schils (Notre Dame): “Stoicising Platonism in Apuleius’ Response to Aristotle.”

Thomas Slabon (Stanford): “Et cum sit unus, pluribus nominibus cietur: Apuleius’ Roman Additions to Greek Theology.”

Liba Taub (Cambridge): “Integrating Meteorology and Theology in De Mundo.”

Georgina White (Kansas): “Ethical Language in De Mundo.”

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George Boys-Stones

Graduate assistants: Jacob Dvorak, Jake Sawyer

Department of Philosophy
170 St. George Street,
Toronto, Ontario M5R 2M8

(Text by the organisers)