Hellenistic Egypt, An Ancient Poly-Ethnic State

Population, Ethnic Groups, Society

Per Bilde, Aarhus: Aarhus University Press, 1992


The third volume in the `Studies in Hellenistic Civilization’ series contains eight essays arising from the second international conference organized by the Danish research project on the Hellenistic period in 1990. Contributors include: U Ostergard (What is national and ethnic identity?); D J Thompson (Language and literacy in early Hellenistic Egypt); J Blomquist (Alexandrian science: the case of Eratosthenes); K Goudriaan (Ethnical strategies in Graeco-Roman Egypt); A Kasher (The civic status of the Jews in Prolemaic Egypt); P Borgen (Philo and the Jews in Alexandria); C R Holladay (Jewish responses to Hellenistic culture); J P Sorensen (Native reactions to foreign rule and culture in religious literature).

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