Valentinianism: New Studies

 Einar Thomassen and Christoph Markschies, Leiden: Brill, 2020


Formerly the Nag Hammadi Studies Series, which includes the complete Coptic Gnostic ‎Library, this series – a world leader in its field – publishes research monographs and tools on a ‎broad range of topics in the fields of Gnostic and Manichaean studies. Titles include ‎The Spiritual Seed (E. Thomassen), The Gospel of Judas in Context (M. Scopello), Nag ‎Hammadi Bibliography 1995-2006 (D.M. Scholer), New Light on Manichaeism (J. ‎D. BeDuhn), and Mani’s Pictures (Z. Gulácsi).‎

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Table of contents

Christoph Markschies and Einar Thomassen. Preliminary Material
Christoph Markschies and Einar Thomassen. Introduction

Einar Thomassen. The Relative Chronology of the Valentinian Systems

Christoph Markschies. Grande Notice“: Einige einleitende Bemerkungen zur Überlieferung des sogenannten Systems der Schüler des Ptolemaeus Gnosticus

Herbert Schmid. Valentinianer und „Gnostiker“: Zu einer Bemerkung des Irenaeus von Lyon in Adversus haereses 1.11.1

Antti Marjanen. The Relationship between the Valentinian and Sethian Sophia Myth Revisited

Giuliano Chiapparini. Fragments of an Early “Lost” Valentinianism: Irenaeus and the Gnostic Doctrinal Letter of Epiphanius, Panarion 31.5–6

H. Gregory Snyder. Flavia’s Neighborhood: Further Evidence for a Second-Century Christian Group on the Via Latina

Niclas Förster. Florinus – ein valentinianischer Gnostiker in Rom?

Jean-Daniel Dubois. Once Again, the Valentinian Expression “Saved by Nature”

Alexander Kocar. The Ethics of Higher and Lower Levels of Salvation in the Excerpts from Theodotus and the Tripartite Tractate

Louis Painchaud. « Tu as vu le Père, tu deviendras père » (EvPhil NHC II 61,31–32). Comment devient-on père dans l’Évangile selon Philippe ?

Karen L. King. 1 Apocalypse of James and Valentinians on Martyrdom

Barbara Aland. Der Demiurg und sein Wirken: Die Deutung des Valentinianismus im Vergleich zu der des Platonismus

John D. Turner. Plotinus and the Gnostics: the Tripartite Tractate?

Ansgar Wucherpfennig. Überlegungen zum Mythos im Johannesevangelium und bei den Valentinianern des Irenaeus

Pheme Perkins. Valentinians and the Christian Canon

David W. Jorgensen. Valentinian Influence on Irenaeus: Early Allegorization of the New Testament

Ismo O. Dunderberg. Harold W. Attridge. Valentinians Reading John

Ismo O. Dunderberg. Paul and Valentinian Morality

Judith L. Kovacs. Participation in the Cross of Christ: Pauline Motifs in the Excerpts from Theodotus

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