Studies in Platonism, Neoplatonism, and the Platonic Tradition

Edited by Robert M. Berchman (Foro di Studi Avanzati Gaetano Massa. Roma and Bard College) and John. F. Finamore (University of Iowa).


Originally conceived, the series (2011 – ) covers studies in Platonism, Neoplatonism, and the Platonic Tradition, which means it covers ancient philosophy in general but also the tradition in its medieval, modern, and post-modern « horizons. » This means that the subseries publishes works, historically and thematically, across the whole « Platonic tradition. »

(Text by the organizers)




Neoplatonic Demons and Angels – Editor(s): Luc Brisson, Seamus O’Neilland Andrei Timotin

Platonic Theories of Prayer – Editor(s): John M. Dillonand Andrei Timotin

Athenian and Alexandrian Neoplatonism and the Harmonization of Aristotle and Plato – By: Ilsetraut Hadot

Thinking Being: Introduction to Metaphysics in the Classical Tradition – By: Eric Perl

Being Different: More Neoplatonism after Derrida – By: Stephen E. Gersh

Studies on Plato, Aristotle and Proclus – The Collected Essays on Ancient Philosophy of John Cleary – By: John J. Cleary

Editor(s): John M. Dillon, Brendan O’Byrne and Fran O’Rourke

Plutarch in the Religious and Philosophical Discourse of Late Antiquity – Editor(s): Lautaro Roig Lanzillotta and Israel Muñoz Gallarte

Iamblichus and the Foundations of Late Platonism – Editor(s): Eugene V. Afonasin, John M. Dillon and John Finamore

Death and Immortality in Late Neoplatonism – Studies on the Ancient Commentaries on Plato’s Phaedo – By: Sebastian Ramon Philipp Gertz

Plotinus in Dialogue with the Gnostics – By: Jean-Marc Narbonne

The Teachings of Syrianus on Plato’sTimaeus andParmenides – By: Sarah Klitenic Wear

The Afterlife of the Platonic Soul – Reflections of Platonic Psychology in the Monotheistic Religions – Editor(s): Maha El-Kaisy and John Dillon

The Commentary of al-Nayrizi on Books II-IV of Euclid’sElements of Geometry – With a Translation of That Portion of Book I Missing from MS Leiden Or. 399.1 but Present in the Newly Discovered Qom Manuscript Edited by Rüdiger Arnzen – By: Anthony Lo Bello

The Enigmatic Reality of Time – Aristotle, Plotinus, and Today – By: Michael Wagner

Die Übersetzungen derElementatio Theologicades Proklos und Ihre Bedeutung für den Proklostext – By: Hans-Christian Günther

Order From Disorder. Proclus’ Doctrine of Evil and its Roots in Ancient Platonism – By: John Phillips

Platonisms: Ancient, Modern, and Postmodern – Editor(s): Kevin Corrigan and John Turner

Neoplatonism after Derrida – Parallelograms – By: Stephen Gersh

The Syntax of Time – The Phenomenology of Time in Greek Physics and Speculative Logic from Iamblichus to Anaximander – By: Peter Manchester

Porphyry Against the Christians – By: Robert Berchman

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