Essays in Ancient Greek Philosophy I

John P. Anton, Albany: Suny Press, 1971


The essays in this volume treat a wide variety of fundamental topics and problems in ancient Greek philosophy. The scope of the section on pre-Socratic thought ranges over the views which these thinkers have on such areas of concern as religion, natural philosophy and science, cosmic periods, the nature of elements, theory of names, the concept of plurality, and the philosophy of mind. The papers dealing with the Platonic dialogues examine with unusual care a great number of central themes and discuss them in considerable depth: problems in language and logic, myth, reason, hypothesis, eros, friendship, reason, morality, society, art, the nature of soul, and immortality; in addition, they offer fresh discussions on a number of basic morphological, methodological, and philological issues related to philosophical arguments and introduce new aspects for a critical reexamination of controversies surrounding the doctrines and the authenticity of certain Platonic works. The essays on the philosophy of Aristotle are closely reasoned analyses of such basic themes as the universality of the sensible, the nature of kinesis, the problem of future contingencies, the meaning of qualitative change, the doctrine of phantasia, the essence of intelligence and the metaphysical foundations for the ethical life. The essays on post-Aristotelian developments in ancient philosophy offer challenging and well-documented discussions on topics in the history of ancient logic, categorical thought, the ethical doctrines of ancient Scepticism, epistemological issues in the physical theory of the Epicureans, and basic concepts in the metaphysics of the neo-platonists.

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  1. Pre-Socratics

Religion and Natural Philosophy in Empedocle’s Doctrine of the Soul – Charles H. Kahn

Cosmic Periods in the Philosophy of Empedocles – Edwin L. and Minar, Fr.

Mind’s Commitment to the Real: Parmenides B8. 34-41 – Alexander P. D. Mourelatos

The Problem of Anaxagoras – Margaret E. Reesor

Empirical Aspects of Xenophanes’ Theology – H. A. T. Reiche

Anaximander and the Problem of the Earth’s Immobility – John Robinson

A Zenonian Argument Against Plurality – Gregory Vlastos

Parmenides on Names – Leonard Woodbury

2. Plato

The Argument from Opposities in Republic V – R. E. Allen

Gorgias and the Socratic Principle Nemo Sua Sponte Peccat – Guido Calogero

Dreaming and Waking in Plato – David Gallop

Techne and Morality in the Gorgias – Robert W. Hall

On the “Gold-Example” in Plato’s Timaeus (50A5-B5) – Edward N. Lee

Some Observations Concerning Plato’s Lysis – Donald Norman Levin

Language, Plato, and Logic – Ronald B. Levinson

Reason and Eros in the “Ascent”-Passage of the Symposium – J. M. E. Moravcsik

The Unity of the Laches – Michael J. O’Brien

The Two States in Plato’s Republic – Martin Ostwald

Supporting Themes in the Symposium – George Kimball Plochmann

The Argument for Immortality in Plato’s Phaedrus – Thomas M. Robinson

Plato’s Hypothesis and the Upward Path – Thomas G. Rosenmeyer

Reply to Dr. Levinson – Rosamond Kent Sprague

The Creation Myth in Plato’s Timaeus – Leonardo Tarán

The Philosophical Passage in the Seventh Platonic Letter and the Problem of Plato’s “Esoteric” Philosophy – Kurt von Fritz

3. Aristotle

The Metaphysical Foundations for Aristotle’s Ethics – Thomas Gould

The Universality of the Sensible in the Aristotelian Noetic – Joseph Owens

Aristotle on κίνησις – Arthur L. Peck

Aristotle’s Treatment of φαντασία – D. A. Rees

Notes on Aristotle De anima 3.5 – John M. Rist

Aristotle’s Doctrine of Future Contingencies – Richard Taylor

The Aristotelian Doctrine of Qualitative Change in Physics VII, 3 – G. Verbeke

4. Post- Aristotelian Philosophy

Ancient Interpretations of Aristotle’s Doctrine of Homonyma – John P. Anton

Οὐ μᾶλλον and the Antecedents of Ancient Scepticism – Phillip DeLacy

Knowledge of Atoms and Void in Epicureanism – David J. Furley

Body and Soul in the Philsophy of Plotinus – A. N. M. Rich

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