From Augustine to Eriugena 

Essays on Neoplatonism and Christianity in honor of John O’Meara

Martin, F. X., Richmond, J. A., Washington: The Catholic University of America Press, 1991


In 1984 a group of John O’Meara’s colleagues decided to mark the occasion of his retirement from the chair of Latin in University College, Dublin, by the publication of a volume of essays. This book concentrates on Augustine and Eriugena, the two authors on whom he worked and with whom his international reputation is associated. Just as Augustine and Eriugena each tries to reconcile in his own individual way the Christian faith with the wisdom of the Graeco-Roman world, so this volume finds its focus.

(Text from the publisher)

Table of contents

Jean Scot et l’ordinateur : le traitement syntaxique du « Periphyseon » / G.-H. Allard

Apophatic-kataphatic tensions in religious thought from the third to the sixth century A.D. : a background for Augustine and Eriugena / A.H. Armstrong

Eriugenas Faszination / Werner Beierwaltes

History and symbolism in the garden at Milan / Henry Chadwick

Augustine the Christian thinker / Mary T. Clark

Philosophy and theology in Proclus : some remarks on the « philosophical » and « theological » modes of exegesis in Proclus’ Platonic commentaries / John Dillon

A mystic in Milan : « Reverberasti » revisited / Thomas Finan

Johannes Scottus Poeta / Michael Herren

Vox spiritualis Aquilae : quelques épis oubliés / Edouard Jeauneau

Theologia : note augustino-érigénienne / Goulven Madec

Porphyrianism in early Augustine : Olivier DuRoy’s contribution / R.J. O’Connell

Hierarchies in Augustine’s thought / Gerard J.P. O’Daly

The role of divine attraction in conversion according to St. Augustine / José Oroz Reta

Ut scriptura pictura : une thème de l’esthétique médiévale et ses orines / Jean Pépin

A Porphyrian treatise against Aristotle? / Andrew Smith


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