Foro di Studi Avanzati Gaetano Massa 2022

FSA Roma Annual Conference 2022

Philosophy, Theology, Aestetics, Religion from Antiquity to the Renaissance

Description and organization

7th annual conference of the Foro di Studi Avanzati Gaetano Massa 2022: Renaissance, Ancient, Medieval and Modern Patterns. Philosophy, Theology, Aestetics, Religion from Antiquity to the Renaissance. From 27th to 31st May 2022.

FSA Gateano Massa is a Network whose purpose is to provide an intellectual setting where scholars of philosophy, theology, religion and classics gather to share and compare their perspectives on the meaning and significance of their collective research


May 27 Friday: Foro di Alti Studi Gaetano Massa

16h00 Introduction

16h30 Presentation of FSA Academic Fellows

16h50 Presentation of FSA Arts Fellows

17h – 19h Light and Vision in Marsilio Ficino

19h Discussioon

May 28 Saturday: Foro di Alti Studi Riccardo Campa

9h – 9h45 Mapping Epistemologies I

9h45 Discussion

10h15 – 10h45 Mapping Epistemologies II

10h45 Discussion

11h – 12h30 Aesthetics of the Self

12h30 Discussion

13h Common Lunch, Casa Maria Immacolata

15h – 16h45 Aesthetics of the Self

16h45 Discussion

17h15 – 19h30 Mapping Mind

19h30 Discussion

May 29 Saturday: Foro di Alti Studi Patrick Atherton

9h – 9h45 Nous in the Greek Patres

9h45 Discussion

10h – 11h Plotinus’ Role in Shaping Augustine’s Conception of Mind

11h Discussion

11h30 – 12h30 Later Platonism and Gnosticism

12h30 Discussion


14h – 15h30 Thinking Causes: Fluxus I

15h30 Discussion

16h – 17h30 Thinking Causes: Fluxus II

17h30 Discussion

21h Concerto Sala Casella, Accademia Filarmonica Romana

May 30 Monday: Foro di Alti Studi John D. Turner

9h – 10h30 Roman Religions

10h30 Discussion

11h – 12h30 Rethinking Cusanus

12h30 Discussion


14h – 15h30 Varieties of English Platonism

15h30 Discussion

16h00 – 17h30 Justice and Fictions

17h30 Discussion

May 31 Tuesday: Foro di Alti Studi Jacob Neusner

9h – 10h30 Anabaseis and Katabaseis in Jung’s Psychology

10h30 Discussion

11h – 13h30 Knowledge: Cultural and Political Myths in the 19th and 20th Centuries

13h30 Discussion

14h Business Meeting


Robert Berchman –

Eleonora Zeper –

Complete programm on the FSA’s Facebook page @FSAGaetanoMassa


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