History of Platonism

Plato redivivus 

Berchman, Robert M., Finamore, John F., University Press of the South, 2005


Following from the centuries of philosophical and religious thinkers who have studied and used Plato’s 4th Century B.C. doctrines, this anthology offers interpretations of Plato’s own works. The authors consider the intermediary role of Aristotle, the Neoplatonism of Plotinus, the religious and mystical theories of later Neoplatonic sources (including Egyptian writings), the effect of Platonic philosophy on Jewish writers during the Middle Ages, the adaptations of Cambridge Platonists, the Neoplatonic basis of Jung’s psychological writings, and the role of Plato’s doctrines in 20th Century Post-Modern philosophy.

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Table of contents

Republic VI 509a9-c10 and its interpretation in antiquity : dialogical or dogmatic reading – Luc Brisson

Immortality vs. tripartition : the soul in Plato – Gwendolyn Gruber

The tripartite Soul in Plato’s Republic and Phaedrus – John F. Finamore

Erãos as institution : a consideration of why Plato wrote the Symposium – Matthew E. Kenney

Metaphors : thinking and being in Aristotle and Plotinus – Robert Berchman

Plotinus’ Philosophical Opposition to gnosticism and the implicit axiom of continuous hierarchy – Zeke Mazur

Plotinus : self and consciousness – Gary M. Gurtler

Alone to the Alone: The ascent to the One in Plotinus – Deepa Majumdar

The Sphere and the Altar of Sacrifice – Gregory Shaw

The Egyptian Book of the dead and Neoplatonic Philosophy – Algis Uzdavinys

Theories of nature in ancient platonism – John Phillips

A physics for the psyche? : Proclus’ Instituta physica and the « life » of the soul – Emilie Kutash

Damaskios’ new conception of metaphysics – Carolle Tresson & Alain Metry

« The Torah speaks in the language of humans » : on some uses of Plato’s theory of myth in medieval Jewish philosophy – Aaron Hughes

The manifest image : revealing the hidden in Halevi, Saadya and Ibn Gabirol – Sarah Pessin

Prophecy, imagination and the poet’s fine frenzy : reflections of a Cambridge platonist – Douglas Hedley

Listening to the voice of fire : theurgical fitness and esoteric sensitivity – Leonard George

Evolution, Jung, and theurgy : their role in modern neoplatonism – Bruce MacLennan

The problem of the self and its centre : postmodernism and neoplatonism – Kevin Corrigan.




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