Article Iamblichus

Adrien Lecerf et Riccardo Chiaradonna, 2019

Iamblichus (ca. 242–ca. 325) was a Syrian Neoplatonist and disciple of Porphyry of Tyre, the editor of Plotinus’ works. One of the three major representatives of early Neoplatonism (the third one being Plotinus himself), he exerted considerable influence among later philosophers belonging to the same tradition, such as Proclus, Damascius, and Simplicius. His work as a Pagan theologian and exegete earned him high praise and made a decisive contribution to the transformation of Plotinian metaphysics into the full-fledged system of the fifth-century school of Athens, at that time the major school of philosophy, along with the one in Alexandria. His harsh critique of Plotinus’ philosophical tenets is linked to his pessimistic outlook on the condition of the human soul, as well as to his advocacy of salvation by ritual means, known as “theurgy”.

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  • 1. Life and Works
    • 1.1 Life
    • 1.2 Works
  • 2. Iamblichus’ Place in Greek Neoplatonism
    • 2.1 The second founder of Neoplatonism
    • 2.2 Exegesis
    • 2.3 Philosophy and theology
    • 2.4 Iamblichus’ posterity
  • 3. Iamblichus’ System
    • 3.1 The One and the higher principles
    • 3.2 “Intelligible” and “intellective”
    • 3.3 Lower entities
    • 3.4 Nature and Matter
    • 3.5 Overarching concepts and general traits
  • 4. Pythagoreanism, Mathematics
    • 4.1 Limit and the Unlimited
    • 4.2 Mathematics
    • 4.3 Iamblichus and Pythagoreanism
  • 5. Logic and the Categories
    • 5.1 Iamblichus’ commentary work on Aristotle
    • 5.2 The Pythagorean reading of the Categories
    • 5.3 Categories and theology
  • 6. The Soul, Theurgy and Religion
    • 6.1 The soul’s place in the system
    • 6.2 Soul and embodiment
    • 6.3 Soul’s ascent and salvation; religion
  • 7. Ethics and Politics
    • 7.1 Neoplatonism and politics
    • 7.2 The hierarchy of virtues
  • Bibliography
    • A. Primary Sources
      • A.1 Extant Works by Iamblichus
      • A.2 Fragmentary Works by Iamblichus
      • A.3 Works by Iamblichus Whose Title Only is Known
      • A.4 Editions and Translations
      • A.5 Other Primary Sources
    • B. Secondary Sources
      • B.1 General References
      • B.2 Selected Studies
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  • Other Internet Resources
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