University of St Andwers

Philosophy and Religion

in Ancient Greece and the Islamic World

Description and organization

The School of Classics at St Andrews is holding a one-day workshop on the interface between philosophy and religion in the ancient Greek and Islamic worlds. The workshop will be held in person (School of Classics, Room S11) and online (via MS Teams).

Organisers: Olaf Almqvist ( and Alex Long (



9.30am Olaf Almqvist, St Andrews
‘God is day night, winter summer, war peace, golden winged, two horned, and born from an egg: Reflections on the Orphic Protogonos and Presocratic Theology’

10.30am Tom Harrison, St Andrews
‘The unknowability of the divine in classical Greek thought’

[short break]

12 noon Zhenyu Cai, Cambridge
‘Al-Fārābī, Avicenna, and Averroes on Reason and Revelation’


1.30pm Fedor Benevich, Edinburgh
‘Personal Identity in Islamic Philosophy of Religion’

2.30pm Feriel Bouhafa, Cambridge
‘Different Grounds for Human Moral Obligation (Taklīf) in Islamic Theology and Philosophy’

[short break]

4pm Peter Adamson, LMU
‘Do Giraffes Have an Afterlife? A Muslim Theologian-Philosopher on Animal Souls’



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