Platonic Inquiries

Selected papers from the thirteenth annual

conference of the International Society for Neoplatonic Studies

Claudia D’Amico, John F. Finamore and Natalia Stroke (eds.), Prometheus Trust, 2017


This anthology of 24 essays by scholars from around the world is published in association with the International Society for Neoplatonic Studes: it contains many of the papers presented in their 2015 annual conference.

(Text by the organizers)

Table of contents



Luz, Menahem.  “The Platonic origins of the Axiochus and the contribution of its author to the Socratic theme”…  1

Middle Platonism

Ritacco, Graciela.  “Rhea – Hecate. The Triple Expansion of Life”… 13


Brisson, Luc.  “Plotinus, and the tripartition of the soul in Plato: Anger as an example”… 33

Baracat, Jose. “Theoria Theorema Theorein:  on the Vocabulary, Style, and Content of Plotinus’ Enn. III. 8 [30]”… 41

Mazur, Zeke.  “The Gnostic Background of Plotinus’ Theory of Generative Contemplation”… 57

Martin De Blassi, Fernando.  “Contemplation (theoria) and form (eidos) in Plotinus:  continuity or overcoming Greek thought?”… 77

Halper, Edward.  The Value of the Soul’s Descent”… 93

Di Silva, Maurizio  “Cosmic Order and Evil:  The Concept of Providence in Plotinus and St. Augustine”… 111

Later Neoplatonism

Ciner, Patricia Andrea.  “The Issue of Divine Filiality in the Commentary on the Gospel of John:  Doctrinal Comparisons between Heracleon, Origen and Plotinus”… 123

García Bazan, Juan Bautista.  “The Depth-bathos of the Gnostics and Porphyry”… 137

Hochsmann, Hyun.  “Porphyry’s Extension and Restriction of Plato’s Views on Justice”… 153

Moreira, Julio César.  “The Pure Human Soul in Iamblichus: Divine or Angelic?”… 175

Finamore, John.  “The ‘Second Trace of Life:’  Hermias and the Irrational Soul”… 187

Cambron-Goulet, Mathilde. “Teaching and learning in Marinus”… 199


Biriukov, Dimitry.  “Hierarchy of beings and the Neo-platonic tetrad Goodness, BeingLifeMind in Byzantine Platonism”… 219


Peretó Rivas, Rubén.  “Negligence as the Cause of the Fall of Souls in Origen and its Reinterpretation by Evagrius Ponticus”… 233

D’Amico, Claudia.  “Approach to the Sources of the Cusan Notions of Oneness, Identity, and Coincidence”… 243

Pico Estrada, Paula.  “Nicholas of Cusa (1401-1431) on the Role of Faith in the Human Mind’s Return to God”… 257


Maggiotti, Juan Pablo.  “Marsilio Ficino’s teachings on the Platonic notion of inspiration:  A brief survey for understanding the depiction of artists as divinely inspired lovers of Beauty”… 277

Rodriguez, Teresa.  “Is Florentine Neoplatonism a Philosophical Movement?”… 299

Fazio, Rodolfo E.  “Newton and the Neoplatonic offensive against Cartesianism”… 313


Berchman, Robert.  “Thinking on Thinking: Ultimate Presuppositions in Plotinus and Leibniz”… 329

Villani-Lubelli, Ubaldo.  “Plato in Weimar.  Plato’s Ideal State and the Weimar Republic:  The impossibility of creating the Perfect state”… 349

Fontes-Teixeira, Luiz Fernando.  “Notes on Abandon:  excerpts from a diary of studies on the concept of Gelassenheit”… 363


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