Platonic Pathways

John F Finamore and Danielle A. Layne, Leiden: Brill, 2018


This anthology of 16 essays by scholars from around the world is published in association with the International Society for Neoplatonic Studes: it contains many of the papers presented in their 2016 annual conference.

(Text from the publisher)

Table of contents

The Significance of Initiation Rituals in Plato’s Meno – Michael Romero

Plato’s Timaean Psychology – John Finamore

The Creative Thinker: A New Reading of Numenius fr. 16.10-12 – Joshua Langseth

First Philosophy, Abstract Objects, and Divine Aseity: Aristotle and Plotinus – Robert M. Berchman

Plotinus on philia and its Empedoclean origin – Giannis Stamatellos

In What Sense Does the One Exist? Existence and Hypostasis in Plotinus – Michael Wiitala and Paul DiRado

A Double-Edged Sword: Porphyry on the Perils and Profits of Demonological Inquiry – Seamus O’Neill

Alienation and Divinization: Iamblichus’ Theurgic Vision – Gregory Shaw

Iamblichus’ method for creating Theurgic Sacrifice – Sam Webster

The Understanding of Time and Eternity in the polemic between Eunomius, Basil the Great and Gregory of Nyssa – Tomasz Stępień

Tension in the soul: A Stoic/Platonic concept in Plutarch, Proclus, and Simplicius – Marilynn Lawrence

Peritrope in Damascius as the Apparatus of Speculative Ontology – Tyler Tritten

Mysticism, Apocalypticism, and Platonism – Ilaria Ramelli

Philosophy and Commentary: Evaluating Simplicius on the Presocratics – Bethany Parsons

From Embryo to Saint: a Thomist Account of Being Human – Melissa Rovig Vanden Bout

From the Neoplatonizing Christian Gnosticism of Philip K. Dick to the Neoplatonizing Hermetic Gnosticism of Ralph Waldo Emerson – Jay Bregman


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