Platonic Traditions in American Thought

Jay A. Bregman and Melanie B. Mineo (eds), University Press of the South, 2017


This anthology of 17 essays by scholars from around the world is published in association with the International Society for Neoplatonic Studies: it contains many of the papers presented in their 1999 annual conference.

(Text from the publisher)

Table of contents

Socratic Virtue as Divine Dunamis in the Meno and Theages –  Melanie A. B. Mineo

The Cyclical Argument as Plato’s Summoner –  Miriam Byrd

Enneads III.8 (30) and V.8 (31) as a Positive Dialogue with Gnostics –  Michael McArthur

Consolation Within the Limits of Philosophy Alone –  Lawrence Masek

The Neoplatonic and the Gothic: A Walk through Amiens Cathedral – Gina Zavota

The Unseen Site of Plato’s Biography – David Justin Hodge

A. Bronson Alcott’s Transcendental Neoplatonism and the Concord Summer School – Jay Bregman

Huckleberries, Thoreau, and Platonism – Daniel Dombrowski

The Platonism of Lawren Harris – Frederic M. Schroeder

Facing the Beasts: Platonic Ideas in Charles Williams’ The Place of the Lion – David Westlake

Plotinus and Kant on Beauty – Robert M. Berchman

Peirce and Plato – Kenneth Laine Ketner

Josiah Royce and Plotinus Neoplatonism – Frank Oppenheim, S. J.

Dewey as a Reconstructed Platonist – Michael Eldridge

The Affinities Between Dewey’s Pragmatism and Plotinian Philosophy – Thomas Mether

The Platonic Eliade  – Douglas Allen

Proclus’ Theories of Motion  and Twentieth-Century Physics – Emilie Kutash


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