Porphyry Against the Christians 

Robert M. Berchman, Leiden: Brill, 2005


This volume is a translation of fragments and testimonia of Porphyry’s lost work « Against the Christians ». The first part of the work examines Author, Title, date of composition, and sources. The second part discusses the structure of « Against the Christians, » The third part focuses on the religious, philosophical, and cultural background of this text. The fourth section constitutes the translation of the fragments and testimonia of « Against the Christians, » This work is especially important for historians of religion, philosophy, and Biblical Studies for it is an excellent example of a pagan tradition of scriptural interpretation and criticism of Christianity.

(Text from the publisher)

Table of contents

Chapter One Author, Title, Date of Composition, Sources, Geographical Provenance  p. 1-6

Chapter Two Structure, Genre, and Taxonomy. p. 7-16

Chapter Three Chapter Three Religious and Philosophical Elements  p. 17-71

Chapter Four Cultural Background p. 72-117

Chapter Five Fragments, Orthography and Languages. p.118-121

Chapter Seven Fragments, Translation, and Exegetical Notes  p. 123-221



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