Studien und Texte zu Antike und Christentum

Praying and Contemplating in Late Antiquity

Religious and Philosophical Interactions

Eleni Pachoumi and Mark Edwards, Heidelberg: Mohr Siebeck, 2018


The present volume is focused on the interactions and syncretistic tensions between religion and philosophy in Late Antiquity. The contributors examine issues of personal religious attitudes, initiation to the mysteries, Orphism, theurgy, magic, the Neoplatonist philosopher’s quest for intimacy or union with the divine, magic and Christianity, and oracles, dream-visions and divination.

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Table of contents

Eleni Pachoumi and Mark Edwards – Introduction

John Dillon – Prayer and Contemplation in the Neoplatonic and Sufi Traditions

Eleni Pachoumi – Magico-religious and Philosophical Interactions in Proclus’ Theurgic Unions

John F. Finamore – Reason and Irrationality: Iamblichus on Divination through Dreams

Mark Wildish – Iamblichus on the Language of Prayer

Wayne J. Hankey – Ratio, Preces, Intuitus: Prayer’s Mediation in Boethius’ Consolation

John Hilton – Public and Private Prayer in the Works of the Emperor Julian

Mark Edwards – Primitive Christianity and Magic

Bronwen Neil – Dream-visions, Prophecy and Contemplation in Origen’s Contra Celsum

Annemaré Kotzé – Augustine Addressing God and Man in the Confessions

Matthew W. Dickie – The Meaning of Initiation in Late Antiquity

Lech Trzcionkowski – Hieroi Logoi in 24 Rhapsodies. The Orphic Codex?

Philip Bosman – The End of the Ancient Oracles: From Deception to Dangerous Demons

List of Authors/Contributors

Index of Ancient Authors

Index of References

Index of Subjects


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