Proclus and the Chaldean Oracles

A Study on Proclean Exegesis, with a Translation and Commentary of Proclus’ Treatise On Chaldean Philosophy

Nicola Spanu, London : Routledge, 2021


This volume examines the discussion of the Chaldean Oracles in the work of Proclus, as well as offering a translation and commentary of Proclus’ Treatise On Chaldean Philosophy. Spanu assesses whether Proclus’ exegesis of the Chaldean Oracles can be used by modern research to better clarify the content of Chaldean doctrine or must instead be abandoned because it represents a substantial misinterpretation of originary Chaldean teachings. The volume is augmented by Proclus’ Greek text, with English translation and commentary. Proclus and the Chaldean Oracles will be of interest to researchers working on Neoplatonism, Proclus and theurgy in the ancient world. Nicola Spanu wrote a PhD thesis on Plotinus and his Gnostic disciples and took part in a postdoctoral project on Byzantine cosmology and its relation to Neoplatonism. He has worked as an independent researcher on his second academic publication, which has focused on Proclus and the Chaldean Oracles.

(Text from the publisher)

Table of contents


Chapter 1 The chaldean triad

Chapter 2 The structure of the divine dimension

Chapter 3 The world’s intellectual archetype and the Creation of the material dimension

Chapter 4 Man and his destiny

Chapter 5 Proclus’on chaldean philosophy. Translation and commentary


Index of ancient sources quoted



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