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Projecto ERC Advanced Grant 885222-GreekSchools

Description and organization

This is just to inform you that, on last January 1, the five-years lasting Project ERC Advanced Grant 885222-GreekSchools has officially started. The Project, coordinated by the University of Pisa (Dipartimento di Filologia, Letteratura e Linguistica) in co-operation with the National Research Council of Italy (Istituto di Scienze del Patrimonio Culturale and Istituto di Linguistica Computazionale) and the Italian Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities (Biblioteca Nazionale di Napoli), aims to produce a new critical edition, translation, and commentary of Philodemus’ Arrangement of the Philosophers. In particular, (a) we intend to establish a more reliable and improved critical text of Philodemus’ treatise and its various sections through an innovative editorial system; (b) we shall apply advanced techniques to opisthograph and multi-layered papyri in order to visualise and read noninvasively inaccessible or invisible text; (c) we shall develop an open-source scholarly Web platform for the on-going and on-line collaborative edition of papyri.

The Project will be publicly launched on next Monday 18, from 9.15 to 12.30. The event will be webcast through the following social networks:



You can find the relative program here:

On that occasion, the official website of the Project ( will also be inaugurated.

(Text by the organizers)


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