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Religion is an internationally recognized, Thomson Reuters-listed journal, publishing original scholarly research in the comparative and interdisciplinary study of religion. Religion is committed to the publication of significant, novel research, as well as review symposia and responses. In addition, the journal includes book reviews and discussions of important venues for the publication of scholarly work in the study of religion. Religion has European and North-American editors, a multi-national Editorial Board, and is committed to publishing work from scholars of religion around the globe, including occasional translations of important papers. Religion accepts papers on all religious studies topics, including the history, literature, thought, practice, material culture, and institutions of particular religious traditions and communities from a variety of perspectives such as social scientific, cultural, cognitive, ethnographic, economic, ecological, and geographic (but excluding theology or philosophy of religion). Religion expects that authors frame their research questions and present their results in terms of relevant theoretical or methodological discussions. Purely descriptive papers are not generally accepted for publication. Papers on theory and methodology are encouraged. All publications in Religion are intended to be of interest to a wide audience of academic scholars of religion; submitted work should be presented in a manner intelligible to more than specialists. Authors are welcome to submit supplementary online material such as animations, movie files, sound files or any additional information for online publication.

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