Transforming Spirituality

Zas Friz de Col R., Ada: Baker Publishing, 2016


In the 25 years of its existence, Studies in Spirituality has been an attentive observer of the significant changes that have taken place in the field of spirituality. During this period, research in spirituality shifted not only towards the centre of theological reflection, it has also responded to a culture that sought to go beyond the boundaries of theology, on the one hand, and to the experience of globalisation on the other. In this volume, Rossano Zas Friz De Col S.l., Professor of Spirituality at the Institute of Spirituality of the Pontifical Gregorian University (Rome), presents a list of thirty-one articles previously published in Studies in Spirituality, which, from his perspective, merit reprinting. The reader will find a collection revolving around spiritual transformation as their center. The reprinted articles are preceded by a reflection on twenty-five years of Studies in Spirituality, in which professor Zas Friz decribes how Studies in Spirituality brings spiritual transformation into focus today, and how to understand that transformation in the present globalized world.

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Table of contents


Introduction: Spiritual/inner transformation in a secularized society – An overview from Studies in Spirituality (1991-2014) – Rossano Zas Friz de Col

1 Inner Transformation

1.1 Inner Transformation from a Theological Point of View

Spirituality as transformation demands a structural dynamic approach – Kees Waaijman

Transformation – A key word in spirituality – Kees Waaijman

A theology of transformative healing in the monastic teaching of William of St. Thierry – MaryEllen O’Brien

The Dark Night in John of the Cross – The transformational process – Hein Blommestijn

Discovering the self and the world throug the eyes of God – A selective reading of The Spiritual Canticle – Hein Blommestijn

Surrender – The Ignatian principle for growth in Christlikeness – John Udris

The imperative of mystical transformation – Donald Blais

Integration and interiorization – Duraiswani Simon Amalorpavadass

Patterns of conversion in Christianity – Anya Mali

Conversion as turning, conversion as deepening – James E. Royster

An embodiment paradigm for the study of Christian spirituality – Embodied imagery in the immediacy and indeterminacy of experience – Elizabeth Leung

1.2 Inner Transformation from the Interreligous Perspective

Becoming what we know – Dynamics of integral transformation in the spirituality of Sri Aurobindo – Felicity Edwards

Buddhist and Christian ultimate transformation – The ‘Perfection of Wisdom’ and Paul’s ‘Righteoused by Faith’ – Jesse Tanner

1.3 Inner Transformation and Psychology

Individuation and mystical union – Jung and Eckhart – Mark James

Converting mortal losses into vital gains – ‘Could be worse’… – Richard A. Hutch

The available pastor – Anke Bisschops

1.4 Empirical Research and Inner Transformation

Religion and personal/spiritual development – Some preliminary findings – Frits Mertens

Motives in motion – Frits Mertens

Chaos lives next to God – Religious visions and the integration of personality – Antoon Geels

Contemplative hospitality – Empirical explorations of spiritual experiences among abbey visitors – Thomas Quartier

Mystical orientation and psychological type – An empirical study among guests staying at a Benedictine abbey – Leslie J. Francis, Andrew Village, Mandy Robbins & Keith Ineson

Exploring the ‘mystical experiences’ of a new spirituality – A case study of Reiki – Jojan Jonker

2 Spirituality and Religion in a Secularised Society

2.1 An Intercultural Approach – The Netherlands, the Philippines and Australia

Spiritual, yes; religious, no – A Dutch student’s reactions to an abbey weekend – Wiel Smeets

The lack of spirituality in secularization – An experiential paradigm from a Philippine setting – Macario Ofilada Mina

Rising waters of the Spirit – The view from secular society – David Tacey

2.2 Spirituality and Philosophy

Spirituality and postmodern philosophy – Emptiness as an opportunity for esteem – Frans Maas

2.3 Spirituality and Discernment

Discernment for our times – A practice with postmodern implications – Elizabeth Liebert

2.4 Spirituality and Buddhism

Zen spirituality in a secular age – Charles Taylor and Zen Buddhism in the West – André van der Braak

Zen spirituality in a secular age II – Dōgen on fullness: Zazen as ritual embodiment of Buddhahood – André van der Braak

2.5 The Quest for Soul in a Secularised Society

Social spirituality and the quest for soul – Frans Maas & Kees Waaijman

Appendix – List of original publications


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