Using Digital Tools and Resources for Ancient World Research

Description and organization

Digital tools and resources are increasingly being used as part of the research process in the Humanities in general and the Ancient World in particular. This survey is aimed at anyone involved in Ancient World research, with any level of digital expertise. Questions relate to your experiences of using digital tools/resources and their effectiveness for different research activities.

For the purposes of this survey:

  • Digital resources are defined as any material that can be consumed in an electronic format, including digitised or born-digital texts, images or artefacts, as well as websites, databases, catalogues, and interactive visualisations
  • Digital tools are defined as software that enables the user to carry out a specific function relating to a digital resource (such tools may be online or installed on the user’s computer)
  • Ancient World research refers to the study of any civilisations existing prior to the end of the Western Roman Empire in 476 AD

The survey should take approximately 15 minutes to complete for those unfamiliar with Linked Data, and 20-30 minutes for those with experience of Linked Data use/production. This research has been reviewed by, and received a favourable opinion, from the OU Human Research Ethics Committee – HREC reference number: HREC/2018/2807/Middle.

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