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Leuven Colloquia on Ancient Platonism (LCAP)

Description et organisation

The Leuven Colloquia on Ancient Platonism (LCAP) is a new lecture series on the history of ancient Platonism (from the Early Academy to Late Antiquity), traditionally an important field of study in Leuven. These lectures will be held on a monthly basis, starting in January 2022, hosted by the KU Leuven Institute of Philosophy and the De Wulf-Mansion Centre for Ancient, Medieval and Renaissance Philosophy and will be given by leading specialists in the history of Platonism. Each year the general theme will be narrowed down through the selection of a specific topic on which the invitees will be asked to speak. For the academic year 2021/2022 (second term only) the chosen topic is ‘principle’ (archê).

For each meeting there will be a 45-minute talk by the main speaker (possibly followed by a 15-minute response) and a 30-minute Q&A session.

Time & Place: 4-6 pm, Kardinaal Mercierzaal.


10 January 2022: Carlos Steel, KU Leuven. Metaphysicum: The Neoplatonic Background

21 February 2022: James Wilberding, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. TBA.

14 March 2022: Dorothea Frede, Universität Hamburg. Plato Taught: A Riddle of his Academy

11 April 2022: Ursula Coope, Oxford University. TBA

16 May 2022: Marwan Rashed, Université Paris-Sorbonne. Becoming, Construction and the Infinite in the Timaeus


Organizers Giulia De Cesaris, Roberto Granieri and Jan Opsomer


(Texte des organisateurs)

Link: https://hiw.kuleuven.be/dwmc/not-another-history-of-platonism/events/LCAP

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