Intellectual Life in Late Antiquity



Wednesday, December 4th, Utrecht

Matthias Haake (Universität Münster): Philosophy and Philosophising in the Ancient Mediterranean World. Towards a Cultural History of Philosophy between Innovation and Tradition (6th century BCE – 7th century CE)

Venue: Universiteit Utrecht, Janskerkhof 13, 0.06 (Department of Philosophy Religious Studies), 13.00-14.00h

Workshop: Intellectual life in late antiquity

Monday, December 9thNijmegen 13.00-13.45h

Jeroen Wijnendaele (Ghent University): Emperors, Officials, and the Grim Reaper – Can we measure ‘the Fall’ of the western Roman empire?

response by Daniëlle Slootjes


Arthur Oosthout (KU Leuven): Mereological or Metaphysical? Navigating the various interpretations of Proclus El. Theol. 67-69

response by Marije Martijn



Thibaut Lejeune (KU Leuven): Assimilation to God: living the ascetic life in late Neoplatonism

response by Albert Joosse                                                              


 16.00-17.00h KEY-NOTE:

Edward Watts (UC San Diego): Hypatia in the Age of Justinian


Venue: Radboud University Nijmegen, SP A 00.09 (Spinoza building, RU campus)

(Text by the organisers) 



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