Durhem Center for Ancient and Medieval Philosophy

Workshop on Neoplatonist Theology

Description and organization

This is the second of two jointly-organised workshops on Hellenistic and post-Hellenistic theology (the first was held in Tübingen in November  2017).

The Castle, Durham.

4 p.m. on 16th to 1 p.m. on 18th May.


Wednesday, 16th

3:45 Welcome

4-5 Andreas Abele (Tübingen), ‘Vanishing Bodies. The Deaths of Plotinus and St Anthony of Egypt’

5-6 Robbert van den Berg (Leiden), ‘Chaos Theology: The Ancient Reception of Hesiod, Theogony 116-117’

Thursday, 17th

10-11 Riccardo Chiaradonna (Rome), ‘Categories in Iamblichus’ De Mysteriis’

11-12 Wolfgang Polleichtner (Tübingen), ‘Towards the Reconstruction of Iamblichus’ Commentary on Aristotle’s Categories’

12-1 Mariapaola Bergomi (Milan), ‘Platonic and Stoic themes in Novatian’s De Trinitate’

2:30-4 Irmgard Männlein-Robert and Christine Rüth (Tübingen), ‘The “Tübinger Theosophie”’

Friday, 18th

10-11 Oliver Schelske (Munich), ‘The Argonautica of Orpheus’

11-12 Elsa Simonetti (Durham), ‘Theological Oracles’

12 Close



(Text by the organizers)



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